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will not run csrf middleware on stripe webhook calls, Cashier automatically handles subscription cancellation on failed charges events, but you can handle other events also by extending Webhook controller, methods should be prefixed. I've looked at the code for hours and can't seem to figure out why it is always failing to recognize the discount code and pass the matching coupon object to Stripe). Coupons to add some coupons. Viralstyle coupon code, L'epicerie discount coupon, Nike com online coupons. Also refunded is set to true with updated refunds hash. Laravel new TrainRider If you dont have Laravel installed you can use Composer to create project composer create-project -prefer-dist laravel/laravel TrainRider Once composer pulls all the dependencies,.env file and update the database credentials, add Stripe Keys. small /h3 @if( ) div class"alert alert-warning" h3 expiring at /h3 /div form method"post" action" route subscriptionResume " csrf_field button type"submit" class"btn btn-success" Resume Subscription /button /form br @else a href" route confirmCancellation " class"btn btn-danger" Cancel Subscription /a @endif @else img.

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Lets have a look at some fields: Percent Off and, amount Off : Enter in only one of this field, two fields allow you to define a discount according to a specific dollar amount or percentage. Duration true string null Specifies how long the coupons tissu gratuit discount will be in effect. Js, or a associative array containing a user's credit card details, with the options described below. Can retrieve an invoice item. Js we will be posting our credit card info to the stripe, then stripe will send us back a stripeToken which will be required by our laravel backend to charge the card. When I try to submit the form without a coupon code, it charges the full amount and passes through Stripe correctly. Lets add our subscription handling code in our PlanController, thanks to Cashier its pretty easy to do, we have already used Billable Trait on the User model, which gives us many methods to deal with subscription handling.