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Digital NordicTV4Canal Digital Nordic 0B00:0648Canal Digital NordicEurosport 2 0B00:0649Canal Digital NordicStarCanal Digital Nordic 0B00:064ECanal Digital NordicMTV3 0B00:0711Canal. Comment ajouter une URL liste m3u Sur Kodi. Program and packages are changed # # DVB-C - NetCologne - German Cable # update: # #NC Premium HD 098C:0131Kabel Eins hdtvnetcologne Premium HD 0B00:213ENickelodeon/Comedy CentralTVNetcologne Premium HD 0B00:0130Pro7 hdtvnetcologne Premium HD 0B00:2134RTL2 hdtvnetcologne Premium HD 0B00:012drtl hdtvnetcologne Premium HD 0B00:0898RTL Nitro. Support We are online, ready to offer you assistance 7 days a week 9am - 11pm Fast Zapping Average.5 seconds due to our powerful servers located throughout Europe Reliability.99 Uptime. #.your current Telkom 1 (C Band) position to 1083 on sattellites.

RkMovieMax Stars HD 0664:1eeadigit? Hdtv 0000,0919,093B,09CD:2B6ESky ItaliaDisney ChannelTV 0000,0919,093B,09CD:2C8BSky ItaliaDisney. RkCartoon Network Turkey 0664,0D00:06AFDigit? RT 1 0963:CCE2SkyUKHome Health 0963:CD23SkyUKMax 0963:CD28Skyukcolors 0963:CD2DSkyUK525:CF97SkyUK :CF99SkyUK :CFD0SkyUKE! #.your current SES 7 (S Band) position to 1081 on sattellites. Additional information: caids I12 - 1722 (Betacrypt) and 1835 (Nagra Berlin) UM01 - 1831 (Nagra Aladin) UM02 - 1838 (Nagra Berlin) Horizon - 1850 (Nagra) V23 - 098E ( Videoguard ) management (0000) some (local) programms. More Information: Cards List Seca Cards - M7 Group SA p?threadid34939 back to index FTA - Free to air ARD Digital last review: by: Humorator Additional information: All channels are free to air (FTA) # #. Shows which category the channel belongs to (categories can be found.g. TV 0000,1803,1861:13f0Cyfrowy PolsatKino Polska 0000,1803,1861:13f4Cyfrowy PolsatFox Polska 0000,1803,1861:13f6Cyfrowy PolsatTVP Info 0000,1803,1861:13f8Cyfrowy PolsatTV Puls 0000,1803,1861:1402Cyfrowy PolsatAnimal Planet Poland 0000,1803,1861:1406Cyfrowy PolsatCBS Drama 0000,1803,1861:1407Cyfrowy PolsatCBS Reality 0000,1803,1861:1416Cyfrowy PolsatTV puls 0000,1803,1861:141aCyfrowy Polsatcinemax 0000,1803,1861:1c85Cyfrowy PolsatPolsat Romans 0000,1803,1861:1c86Cyfrowy PolsatAXN White Poland 0000,1803,1861:1c87Cyfrowy PolsatAXN Black Poland 0000,1803,1861:1c88Cyfrowy PolsatFightbox 0000,1803,1861:1c89Cyfrowy PolsatExtreme Sports. 0961:12CASkyUKUnnamed service 0961:12CBSkyUKUnnamed service 0961:12CCSkyUKUnnamed service 0961:12CDSkyUKUnnamed service 0963,0961:12FCSkyUKShortsTV 0961:131FSkyukstar Plus 0961:1320Skyukstar News 0963,0961:132BSkyUKSky Spts News 0963,0961:132CSkyuksp News 0963,0961:132DSkyUKSky Spts News 0963,0961:132ESkyUKSky Spts News 0963,0961:1332SkyUKSky Sports 1 0963,0961:138BSkyUKHistory 1 0963,0961:138DSkyUKSky Real Lives 0963,0961:1391SkyUKEurosport 2 UK 0961:1392SkyUKHallmark 0963,0961:139DSkyukndtv 24x7 0963,0961:13A1SkyUKCurrent TV 0963,0961:13EFSkyUKSky3 0963,0961:13F0SkyUKSky2 0963,0961:13F2SkyUK1387 0963,0961:1456SkyUKThe.

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